Resources for Club Members

* Dream Plan Build Series – Layouts, Modeling Tips & Prototype Railroads *

The Club possess quite a few videos and printable PDFs for its members. Below, you will find a listing of the Club’s videos. Due to the length of this list, please consider searching for the item you are looking for by using CRTL-F in Windows and CMD-F in the Apple world.

11LayoutNight Time Railroading on David Nicastro’s HO Pike
14LayoutFantastic Urban Modeling on George Sellio’s HO Layout
16LayoutMountain Railroading on Marcel Trautwein’s HO Layout
110LayoutBigger is Better on Tony Lash’s O Gauge Empire
112LayoutAmerican Flyer Lives on Dick Robinson’s S Scale Layout
115LayoutThe Spectacle of the Northlandz Model Train Display
13PrototypeWorlds Biggest Train Yard – UP Bailey Yard
18PrototypeRailroad Speeders
114PrototypeRailway Post Office
12TechniqueEnhancing Your Layout with Lighting & Backdrops
15TechniqueMaking Waves
17TechniqueCardboard Sub Terrain
19TechniquePainting A Backdrop: Adding the Details
111TechniqueTwo Ways to Realistic Rocks
113TechniqueUsing An Airbrush
1Bonus FeaturesBuilding Your First Model Railroad
1Bonus FeaturesOptimize Your Operation
1Printable PDFs10 Steps for DCC
1Printable PDFs
1Printable PDFs
Airbrushing Tips
1Printable PDFs
Casting Rocks
1Printable PDFs
Cleaning Wheels
1Printable PDFs
Cool Water
1Printable PDFs
Modeler’s Toolbox
1Printable PDFs
Painting A Backdrop
1Printable PDFs
Room Size Railroads
1Printable PDFs
Sub Terrain
1Printable PDFs
Track Cleaning
21LayoutHoward Zane’s HO Masterpiece
24Layout30 Years of Union Pacific on John Gray’s HO Layout
26LayoutTrash to Treasures on Maury Decoster’s Garden Layout
211LayoutTom Picirillo’s O Gauge Trolley Cars
213LayoutThe Ins & Outs of Stan Roy’s Lionel Layout
23PrototypeRestoration of the Pioneer Zephyr
28PrototypeA Lesson in Logging on Bob Brown’s On3 Layout
210PrototypeBehind the Scenes at Union Tank Car
215PrototypeMount Rainer Scenic Railroad
22TechniqueKit bashing Highlights & How To
25TechniqueSure-fire Track Laying Tips
27TechniqueMaking Superb Structures with Laser-Etched Kits
29TechniqueDetails that Bring Your Layout to Life
212TechniqueHow to Weather Track
214TechniqueGetting Started with DCC
2Bonus FeaturesTitle 2Building a Basic Garden Railroad
2Printable PDFsDCC
2Printable PDFsDetails
2Printable PDFsElectrified Railroads
2Printable PDFsGarden Railway
2Printable PDFsKit bashing Highlights & How To
2Printable PDFsLaser Cut Kits
2Printable PDFsLogging Railroads
2Printable PDFsPerfect Track
2Printable PDFsWeathering Track
2Bonus FeaturesTitle 3Cleaning Track, Wheels
31LayoutForm, Function & Fun on Stewart’s N Scale Layout
34LayoutIronhead Timber Co: Bob Clarke’s On3 Layout
36LayoutAllen McClelland’s HO Model Marvel
38LayoutThe Grandeur of Jim Strong’s Garden Layout
311LayoutAdding Realism on Tom Wilson’s HO Layout
313LayoutDave Watson’s O Gauge Empire
33PrototypeShays in the Pines: Yosemite Mountain RR
310PrototypeA Northwest Wonder: The Cascade Tunnel
315PrototypeThe Stars of Railtown 1897
32TechniqueHow to Build Brass Etched Kits
35TechniqueAdding Realism with Decals & Weathering
37TechniqueAir Brush Technique: Weathering Years Diesel
39TechniqueBuild a Better Layout with a 3D Track Plan
312TechniqueRealistic Operations on a Small Layout
314TechniqueEnjoying Contemporary Toy Trains
3Bonus FeaturesTitle 2A Behind the Scenes Tour of Kalmbalch’s Club Layout
3Printable PDFsBrass Etched Kits
3Printable PDFsDecals
3Printable PDFsGuide to Operations
3Printable PDFsLayout Tips
3Printable PDFsPlanning in 3D
3Printable PDFsToy Train Storage
3Printable PDFsWeathering Steam Locos
3Printable PDFsWeathering Structures
415Layout70 Years of History at the Baltimore RR Club
43LayoutAll-Weather Modeling in Large Scale
411LayoutHeavy Industry from Scratch on Jeff Borne’s HO Scale
41LayoutIndustry, Agriculture & Main Street in HO Scale
46LayoutSteve Anderson’s On3 West Side Lumber Co.
48LayoutThe Living Dream of Steve Baldwin’s O Gauge Layout
410PerspectiveA Look at Lionel Trains, Past & Present
44PrototypeModern-Day Track Laying & RR Maintenance
413PrototypeThe Form, Function, and Fate of the Caboose
42TechniqueAdd DCC to Your Locomotive
47TechniqueBuilding Better Benchwork
414TechniqueCustomizing Locomotives: Stripping Paint
49TechniqueFound an Old Train – What Next?
45TechniqueProper Flex Track Technique
412TechniqueTips for Working with Resin Kits
4Printable PDFsBenchwork
4Printable PDFsColumbia Steel
4Printable PDFsDCC Decoders
4Printable PDFsFlex Track
4Printable PDFsResin Kits
4Printable PDFsTrain Value
4Printable PDFsWest Side Lumber
51LayoutSteamin’ on Jack Parker;s HO Layout
54LayoutA Moving Experience on Daryl Kruse’ N Scale Layout
56LayoutBuilding Scenery on Rob Spangler’s HO Layout
58LayoutAndy DeLucia’s Gold Rush Gareden Railroad
511LayoutRon Bircher’s Napa Valley On3 Layout
513LayoutA Tale of Two Cities: Twin City MR Museum
53PrototypeThe Legends of Steamtown National History Site
510PrototypeThe “Impossible” White Pass & Yukon
515PrototypeReliving the Golden Age on the Tennessee Valley RR
52TechniqueWire Your Layout for DCC
55TechniqueGet Real: How to Use Operating Paperwork
57TechniqueAirbrush Tips: Weathering Your Locomotives
59TechniqueAdd A River to Your Layout
512TechniqueDetails That Bring Your Layout to Life, Part 2
514TechniqueGreat Great Grade Crossings
5Printable PDFsConverting to DCC
5Printable PDFsDCC Terms
5Printable PDFsGrade Crossings
5Printable PDFsModeling A Creek
5Printable PDFsTimetables
5Printable PDFsUnique People
5Printable PDFsWeathering Your Diezels
61LayoutC & O Steam on Dan Zugelter’s HO Layout
65LayoutTips for Realistic Scenery on Eric Brooman’s HO Layout
67LayoutThe Elden’s Scratch-Built Wonder in G Scale
69LayoutAuthentic Modeling on the Puget Sound Club Layout
613LayoutAnimation on Eric Michaelson’s O Gauge Layout
616LayoutUrban, Rural & Industrial at the Great Train Story Exhibit
63PrototypeThe Eureka: A Restored Wood Burning Engine
611PrototypeThe Restored Sumpter Valley Railway
615PrototypeThe Most Beautiful Diesel: The ALCO PA
62TechniqueCreating Rural Roads with Joint Compound
64TechniqueStep by Step: Installing Sectional Track
66TechniqueQuick Tips for Extending Your Layout
68TechniqueBasics of Scratch-Building with Styrene
610TechniqueRealistic Ground Cover Using Static Grass
612TechniqueAdding Farm Field in One Evening
614TechniqueDetermining the Value of Your Antique Train
6Printable PDFsAdding Water Feature
6Printable PDFsAdding Grass
6Printable PDFsExtending Your Layout
6Printable PDFsModeling Highways
6Printable PDFsStyrene Tips
6Printable PDFsThe Big Find
6Printable PDFsTrack Terminology
713LayoutCincinnati’s Railroad History I O and S Gauge
75LayoutFour Season Modeling on the Speer’s Garden Railroad
73LayoutIntricate Track on the Great Falls Club Layout
710LayoutJerry Strangarity’s Structure Modeling in HO Scale
78LayoutKen McCorry’s World Record HO Layout
71LayoutRealistic Scenes on Lou Ullian’s On3 Logging Layout
712PrototypeA Journey Through the Breathtaking Copper Canyon
77PrototypeBehind the Scenes: The St. Louis Car Co.
715PrototypeSteam & Diesel at the North Carolina RR Museum
72TechniqueAdd Realism Using Sound
711TechniqueDetailing Structure Interiors for Added Realism
714TechniqueMaking Ground Cover with Real Leaves
74TechniqueStep-by-Step:Hand Laying Track
79TechniqueUsing Foam for Your Scenery Base
76TechniqueWeathering Wood with Sandpaper
7Printable PDFsBenchwork
7Printable PDFsDCC Sound Tips
7Printable PDFsForest Scenery
7Printable PDFsRolling Stock Tune-up
7Printable PDFsScratchbuilding
7Printable PDFsStation Plans
83LayoutAdding the Details on Neil Thompson’s HO Layout
85LayoutBehind the Scenes: Building an Indoor Garden Railroad
813LayoutBob Board’s American Flyer Layout & Collection
81LayoutLorrell Joiner’s Intricate Industrial O Gauge Layout
810LayoutOperations on the Pasadena Model RR Club Layout
88LayoutWestern Realism on Elliot Klein’s O Gauge Layout
815PrototypePreservation of Steam on the Heber Valley Railroad
811PrototypeRiding the Rails at the Kentucky Railway Museum
86PrototypeThe History of the Bicentennial Train
812TechniqueCreating a Realistic Forest Scene
814TechniqueEnhancing Wood Structures by Weathering
87TechniqueFine Tuning Your Rolling Stock
84TechniqueScratchbuilding from Model Railroader Plans
82TechniqueStep-by-Step: Building L-Girder Benchwork
89TechniqueTips for Better Sound with DCC
8Printable PDFsDriving Spikes
8Printable PDFsMcCorry’s Mainline
8Printable PDFsQuick Interiors
8Printable PDFsSound Installation
8Printable PDFsStyrofoam Mountains
8Printable PDFsUsing Backyard Materials


RLO 1OperationsGetting Started: Switch Lists
RLO 2OperationsSIMPLE: Sequence Operations
RLO 3OperationsResources for Realistic Operations
RLO 4OperationsNaugatuck Valley RR Tour
RLO 5OperationsAssigning Jobs
RLO 6OperationsThe Yardmaster & The Assistant
RLO 7OperationsThe Dispatcher
RLO 8OperationsWriting a Train Order
RLO 9OperationsThe First Train Up the Line: ND-2
RLO 10 OperationsThe Second Train: OD-2
RLO 11OperationsCommuter Trains
RLO 12OperationsThe First Turn: NX-15
RLO 13OperationsCreating a Car Forwarding System
RLO14OperationsThe River Job
RLO 15OperationsThe Second Turn: NX-17
RLO16OperationsEnding the Day
RLOPrintable PDFsOperationsClearance Form
RLOPrintable PDFsOperationsGlossary of Terms
RLOPrintable PDFsOperationsSample Timetable
RLOPrintable PDFsOperationsSwitch List
RLOPrintable PDFsOperationsTrain Order Book
RLOPrintable PDFsOperationsTrain Order Form
RLOPrintable PDFsOperationsTrain Register
RLOPrintable PDFsOperationsTrain Sheet

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