Our Layouts

Our club members are proud of their layouts as well as the various IMRRC layouts. We hope enjoy the picture and videos below. The photo below demonstrates two of the train scales. While while Z scale may be considered either at the beginning or end of train scales, the O Scale Lionel is at the opposite end.

An example of model train scale differences.

Z Scale

Z scale is the smallest train. Whether it is an engine or rolling stock, they may fit in the palm of your hand. This is an excellent size layout if you do not have much room for a larger sized layout.

A working roundhouse.

Notice the three engines in this photo are each ready to leave the roundhouse.

The following videos demonstrate the size of Z Scale and how you may make your layout.

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N Scale

Description of N scale and so forth.

HO Scale

HO Scale trains more or less in the middle of the different train scales. It is perhaps the most popular of the train scales as majority of our members have this scale for their layouts.

This photo is from our December Grissettown-Longwood Fire Station train show.

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S Scale

O Scale

Below you will find an O scale layout of one of the IMRRC members. The layout contains a significant amount of detail and is quite extensive.

Waiting for the train.
There is no traffic tonight.
Benchmark of this layout
There is elaborate benchwork for this layout.

G Scale

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